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If you choose to export a Post from a E-notebook in XML format, the following elements are recorded in the XML file for the Post:

Element Description
id identification number of the Post
rid revision number
title the title of the Post
section the metadata description of the Post
author stores author information
username the authentication URL
name the name of the author
content stores the raw content of the Post
html stores the HTML content (raw content + HTML tags)
datestamp the datetime of the original Post
timestamp the datetime of the most recent revision
blog the id number of the E-notebook
key the key associated with the Post
metadata <key> elements where 'key' can be any name and the element contains the value of the 'key'
links link data for the Post
uri the URI of the Post
permalink the permalink of the Post
formats formats available for the Post
format Mime type of resource (HTML, XML, or PNG) and associated URL
comments stores the comments about the Post
id identification number of the comment
author author of the comment
title title of the comment
content raw content of the comment
html html content (raw content plus HTML tags
datestamp the datetime of the comment

Additional elements for Post with files

Effect Games Found In
attached_data:data URL for the XML information about the attached data files

XML elements for files

Effect Games Found In
id id of the data file
uploaded the date and time that the file was uploaded
post the Post to which the file was added
dataitems:dataitem information about the attached file including format and URL

Owing to the evolution of LabTrove e-Notebooks as a blog-based system, some internal variables do still use the term blog.

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