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Editing posts

You can only edit posts that you created. You can not delete Posts that you have published so if you have made a mistake you must edit the Post to make this clear. Each time you edit a Post you must provide a reason why you made the edit. To help you and other users to understand why you made that edit to the post you should provide a meaningful reason for the edit.

You can save a Post as a draft if you expect to make more changes to it, and then choose to publish it when you are ready. You can delete a draft Post if you decide not to keep it.

To edit the content, title, section, and metadata for the Post:

  1. Locate the Post or draft Post that you want to edit. You can view your draft Posts by clicking Dashboard and viewing the Your Draft Posts section.
  2. Click the Edit Post link to view the Post in edit mode.
  3. Make your changes to the Post.
  4. Enter a reason for your changes in the Reason For Edit field.
  5. Click Save for later to save the changes in a draft, or click Publish to save and publish the changes to the Post.

When you publish the Post changes are displayed when anyone views the Post. To see the previous versions of the Post you must view the revisions.

Viewing revisions

A revision is the current or any previous versions of a Post that have been saved. When you view a list of revisions you can see the following information about the Posts:

  • Date and time the Post was edited
  • The reason that the edit was made
  • The unique identifier for that revision

You can also view drafts of the Post and any drafts that have been deleted (marked as Draft Withdrawn).

To view a previous version of a post:

  1. Locate the Post that you want to view.
  2. Click the Revisions link in the This Post section to the right of the Post. A list of revisions to the post are displayed with their revision number together with the date and time that they were last edited.
  3. Click on the title of the revision that you want to view.
  4. (Optional) If you are viewing a revision other than the most recent version of the Post, you can return to the list of revisions or the most recent version of the Post by following the instructions in the box displayed above the Post.

What to do next

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