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In order to repopulate the metadata menus in a particular E-notebook you can create a Master Post that defines the metadata that will be used for an experiment. When you create a new Post you will be able to select from the Section or other metadata keys that you created as part of the Master Post. The use of a Master Post is especially useful in a E-notebook with multiple authors, as it ensures that everyone is using the same metadata values. A Post author can choose to add new metadata keys if they want to, leaving the metadata scheme extensible if required.

To create a Master Post for an experiment, create a Post with a Section that describes the experiment, and the appropriate metadata keys and values that you expect to use in the experiment. See Defining the metadata for your experiment and Adding metadata to your entries, for information on how to choose and add metadata to your Post.

Once you have created the Post and saved it, the next time you or anyone else creates a Post in that E-notebook the metadata values you selected are available to use in the Post.

You might also want to create a Master Post or template for different Post types that contains the metadata appropriate for that Post type. For example, Posts describing an experimental method might include different metadata to a Post describing the results of an analysis.

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