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Owing to the evolution of LabTrove e-Notebooks as a blog-based system, some internal variables do still use the term blog.

Configuring a Trove

When LabTrove starts, it loads two style sheets: the first - style.css - defines the standard layout for all Troves; the second - default/style.css - defines the presentation, or branding, of an individual Trove.

To create your own branding, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the docs/style directory
  2. Make a new directory, for example: mkdir my_style
  3. Copy all four files from the default directory into your new directory
  4. If you do not want to change one or more of the files, edit the file to include the corresponding file from the default directory, for example, as in style_red/index.php (The style_red directory is an example of modified branding, in which only the style.css file differs from the default set)
  5. Navigate to the install directory
  6. Edit the config.php file and modify the line that sets blog_style, for example:
$ct_config['blog_style'] = 'my_style';

System updates

When you upgrade to a newer version of LabTrove, the update process - whether manual or automatic (for version 2.2 only) - replaces the docs/style/default directory, which is why you must make your own new directory if you want to alter the branding of your Trove.

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